I've never come across a sandwich that filled me up completely. Twigly proved me wrong. If you're looking for something healthy and yummy yet light and filling, then here's what you definitely order. Just writing this and I already feel like ordering more. Good job!
    I first tried Twigly a few months ago, and instantly fell in love with their delicious gourmet sandwiches. These sandwiches had everything one could ask for, choice of bread, different varieties of flavour combinations, beautiful packing, and a cookie on the side.
  • I give these guys full marks! On time delivery, neat-rather brilliant packaging, fresh food and excellent taste! - DUSHYANT
    This place is literally my kitchen for lunch at office when Asha aunty's dabba is not available.
    This place is redefining food quality and goes to show how food should be a driver for repeat purchase. Sandwiches and pasta sre fabulous.
    The delivery is also on time without fail and the food is warm and fresh. This one deserves a 5 hands down :)
    Wow wow wow! Hats off to you guys. The best delivery outlet till date i have came across. These guys are just perfect and know their job well.
    Best home-ordered pasta ever!! It was hot, almost as if served in the restaurant.
    This place is hand's down the best delivery place in the city!
    I just ate a little bit of heaven.
    This place never ceases to amaze me. Their focus on customer experience shows through their food in every which way. Timely delivery. Packaging done oh-so right. Little surprise in with each order. Food to make you want more and quantity to keep you satiated.
    If Twigly was a person, I would have called it the love of my life.
    There wasn't a single item that I did not like. Every dish was prepared well. The right flavours were present in every dish.
    These days when every tom dick & harry owns a food delivery kitchen and serves pathetic food, these guys are doing a real good job. Looks like they are here to stay.
    The Italian Margherita pizza was delectable (I didn't even use any seasoning!). If you're looking for an authentic, artisan-crafted (as they rightly claim!) Pizza, Twigly is the right choice. Beats Domino's hands down.
  • Not one dish that I have ordered from here fails to get a 5/5 from me. I don't have to think twice before I order from here because I know what I will receive is going to be amazing. From me to my boss, to my super boss, and to my super boss' kids, Twigly is very much loved. To the team of Twigly - Keep up the great work! - GUNJAN
    I have tried almost every veg dish in their menu and I can't complain. The food is amazing.. keep it up guys!
    I've just ordered once from here and boy oh boy oh boy, was it good! Hell, 'good' is an understatement. So is 'excellent'. I am lost for good words.
    This place does complete justice to its consistent top rating.
    I have made Twigly famous in my - everyday someone or the other is ordering food from you guys. People have gone crazy in my office on your food. Good work !!
    The quality of bread, fillings is in a class of its own at that price point. Truly amazing sandwiches!
    Don't think there will ever be a restaurant in Gurgaon,that can serve better sandwiches than what these guys do. Delivery-Packaging-Taste, 5/5 for everything.
  • DIVY
    Well to be honest if Zomato had 10 star rating would have given they out as well. The food is simply amazing.
    It's really easy to keep ordering from here over and over again primarily because the ingredients are really fresh.
    I was upset with them earlier as they had on one occasion delivered by order very late. But the taste of their food had me bowled over and i just deleted my previous rating to give them what they deserve. Plus apart from that one day, they have since delivered on time. Awesome food.
    I survive on Twigly and I am glad I got introduced to it.
  • One of the best prepared meals! Quality of meal is the best. Don't feel shy and order from here. Try the pizzas too. Their competitors should learn from them. - SRINJOY
    Sandwiches as they should be and a bit more.. Great delivery experience. Sumptuous food.
  • Let me start by saying.. the food quality is bang on. The presentation is unique :) This is gem of a place to order food from. And finally these people really abide by their policies - Thanks for such a great experience - TUSHAR
  • Fantastic food, great presentation, met all expectations! In this day n age of jaded F&B experiences, Twigly is surprisingly good. - PRIYA
  • I absolutely love ordering food from here! Good Presentation. On-time delivery. Phenomenal Taste! Recommended for the perfect meal at home. :) - NIRAJ
    Thus was unarguably the best experience of ordering food.
    Twigly is a brainchild of a group of highly passionate people and their passion shows in the quality of the food they serve!
  • The bottom line is that this felt like a really healthy, and hygenic meal, and I felt good about eating it. Will definitely reorder from here and try their other stuff. - SUKA


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